What is Influencer Marketing?

The days of expensive ad campaigns in print or even on Google seem to be slipping away, and instead companies are investing their marketing dollars into influencer marketing.

Influencer marketing is the single most powerful way to advertise and grow your business – and usually for an affordable cost.

So what is an influencer?

An influencer is someone that has a large presence on social media (or email / YouTube subscribers) usually with a niche audience. The audience is very engaged and attached to the influencer so when they promote a company, it creates instant credibility and exposure for them.

When you look at a print ad, Google ad, or even a Facebook ad, it’s the company promoting their own brand.  No matter how clever the ad is, it’s not as powerful as having someone else promote your brand for you.  When you work with influencers, it’s more like word-of-mouth marketing, a more trusted way to advertise because it’s a third party recommending your product or service.

Here are the benefits of working with an influencer:

  • Ability to put your product or service in front of a LARGE niche audience.
  • Get instant brand credibility – a well-known influencer who recommends your product or service gives your company instant clout.
  • Ignites Word-of-Mouth Marketing – people telling other people about your brand is the best way to grow your business.
  • More affordable and effective than traditional advertising.
  • Unique way to grow your audience – creative campaigns like contests or giveaways can grow your social media followers and/or newsletter subscribers (the audience of the influencer becomes your audience by opting in for a free offer)
  • Working with a good influencer gets you amazing ROI

Influencer Marketing Campaign Ideas

The types of campaigns you can do are endless. Here are some ideas that work well:

  1. Product /Service Review
  2. Give an exclusive deal code to influencer’s audience to redeem (make sure to create a unique code for each influencer so you can track how well the conversions are)
  3. Create a revenue share with the influencer – again create a unique code and every sale that comes from their campaign, the influencer gets a %.
  4. Live Video Review or Unboxing
  5. Photo Contest
  6. Giveaway
  7. Free E-Book Offer
  8. Free Checklist Offer
  9. Content Campaign (for example, 5 Fashion Outfits for this Holiday Season – written by the company and then promoted / shared by the influencer)
  10. Video Campaign
  11. Public Service Announcement
  12. Crowd-Funding Campaign
  13. Sale Campaign (deal offer)
  14. Engaging Campaign / Survey
  15. and much more!

Some Flaws…

Influencer Marketing is highly effective to grow your business, but there are a few problems companies experience:

  1. How to easily find and contact influencers without hours of manual work – it can take 100 hours of work to find, analyze, research, and contact just 20 influencers!
  2. How to determine which influencers to work with to bring ROI
  3. How to identify fake data (like fake Facebook followers – an influencer could show 500k followers but have little to no engagement on their page; with no engagement, there’s no ROI)
  4. How to measure ROI from influencer campaigns
  5. How to see influencer insights without hours of manual work

The Solution to Smart Influencer Marketing

Robin8 Search™ solves all these issues by offering a platform run by AI and Big Data.  Robin8 Search™ offers the following:

KOL Smart Search

Search over 10k influencers by niche or keyword to generate a list of top influencers.  Robin8 recommends and ranks the best KOLs for your campaigns using AI and big data. No more guessing game!  We profile each influencer down to a science.

Fake Data Finder

Fake data hides in plain sight; using machine learning and big data technologies Robin8 shows you TRUE data (e.g. audience size and engagement numbers) so you can make the best decision on which KOLs to work with.

Visual Analytics

Robin8 offers insightful analytics to show you which KOLs are most effective. You can even compare KOLs to one another using our interactive, visual charts. We eliminate hours of manual work and make analytics easy to read.

KOL Shop & Connect

KOLs get hundreds of emails and requests.  Contacting a KOL through the Robin8 platform increases your chances of being replied to since we work very closely with our KOL community.  We offer a fully-managed option where our team will manage all KOL negotiations and bookings or you may use the chat feature built inside Robin8 Search™ so it’s easy to manage your communications all in one spot.

Analyze Your Own KOLs

Most brands have a list of influencers that they work with. With Robin8 Search™ you can upload your KOL list and instantly view analytics and data on each KOL and compare KOLs to one another.

ROI Calculator

The most important piece to influencer marketing is measuring ROI. Until now this has been difficult and time-consuming to do manually. Robin8 offers a unique reporting feature that shows exactly how well the KOL performed when promoting your brand.


Robin8 Search™ is very user-friendly and with our visual charts analytics are very easy to read and understand. Create reports for each campaign to keep track of results and ROI.

Content Amplification

The Robin8 App offers content amplification so your campaign is much more successful. Simply upload your campaign to the app, and influencers will share your content driving traffic to your website or content source.

See how it works…

Start your influencer marketing today!   Get a free campaign when you sign up as a member (any level).

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What are your favorite ways to work with influencers?  Share in the comments below!



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