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Robin8 is a profile management company. Robin8 was founded to empower influencers to better monetize their social media profiles, other data, and digital assets.

The company’s key technology is profiling, ranking and matching people down to a science and helping brands find the best influencers based on big data, AI and blockchain. Robin8 has already profiled over 30+ million people.

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Meet the Team

Robin8 Inc. has offices in New York City, Ukraine, and China with satellite offices in Connecticut and Korea.

Executive team

Miranda Tan
Miranda Tan / CEO and Co-Founder
  • 15 years experience in PR and marketing
  • Specialized in working with venture-backed tech and pre-IPO companies
  • Cornell University, BS
  • St. John University of Law, Juris Doctor
Hassan Miah
Hassan Miah / Chairman and Co-Founder
  • 30yrs digital media and tech
  • Partner, KPMG
  • Managing Director, Intel Capital, TMT Investment
  • Head of Digital, Creative Artist Agency (CAA)
  • Xing Technology CEO, Acquired $75 Million USD
  • Stanford University MBA
Calvin Wong
Calvin Wong / Asia CTO
  • Specialized in IT, Product Development across multiple markets
  • B.Sc Electrical Engineering
Dr. Janna Lipenkova
Dr. Janna Lipenkova / VP, R&D
  • PhD in Linguistic and computer science
  • Specialize in natural language processing
  • Free University of Berlin, PhD


Bessie Lee
Bessie Lee / Senior Advertising Advisor
  • 20 years experience in advertising industry
  • Former China CEO for WPP China
  • GroupM China CEO
  • Mindshare CEO
Alvin Foo
Alvin Foo / Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Over 15 years experience in advertising in China
  • Head of mobile and innovation from OmnicomMedia Group
  • Head of Mobile, Google China
Coolio Yang
Coolio Yang / Senior Advertising Advisor
  • CEO of Kantar Media CIC
  • Vice President of Ogilvy & Mather providing social marketing leadership
Milo Chao
Milo Chao / Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Previously the Chief Strategy Officer for TBWA China
  • Northwestern University, MBA
  • Binghampton University, BA
Leo Wang
Leo Wang / Senior Advertising Advisor
  • Over 17 years experience in mobile internet in China
  • An active angel investor for frontier tech startups, especially in blockchain and cryptocurrency


Full-Service Team

We offer full-service KOL Marketing and Management – we match you with the best KOLs and negotiate pricing to get you the best deal on your campaign.

DIY Option

There’s an option to contact KOLs yourself using the Robin8 chat feature if you prefer.

Customer Support

Our customer support team will help with any questions along the way and we take it a step further recommending campaigns to best promote your business.  Our KOL marketing consulting is invaluable!
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